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$2500 for:


Spousal Support

Child Support


This includes my legal services, the initial filing fee and any court appearances


More Details on the Cost of Services

You will not pay more than $2500 for legal services. This money is earned upon receipt by the Attorney.

Extra costs Paid to Third Parties

There can be extra costs. These are costs paid to a third party, such as the court.

If you have a retirement account, there can be costs related to providing the court with proper documentation related to the proper division of this account. Every effort will be made to avoid or reduce these extra costs.

Also Remember ...

You do not have to pay entire fee before we can begin your case


We will set up a payment plan with each client.


If Attorney is Discharged


If Attorney is discharged, Attorney will rebate money if the failure to do so results in an unfair outcome. The amount of money rebated will depend on the amount of work the attorney has completed on the case. The amount returned will be determined by Attorney.


What If I Cannot Afford an Attorney?

Free or Reduced Cost Services Are Available

If money is a problem, I may still be able to help. The California Bar Association recommends that attorneys do fifty hours of pro bono - free work - each year. I intend to follow this recommendation.


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