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I Charge $1500 to $2500

I think that the client has the right to know exactly what it will cost for legal services before they hire an attorney

$2500 for Full Services:


Spousal Support

Child Support   


$1500 for Default Divorce with Agreement


  ​​For Domestic Violence:  

I do not do domestic violence cases. Feel free to call and I can discuss your case and give you a referral

What If the Client Drops the Case?

(it happens)

You only pay for services received.

This is an advantage you have hiring me. You can always fire an attorney. But if you paid a large deposit, you will probably not get much money back. With me, you are billed only for services you have received. I am not holding any of your money. You can leave at any time.

What If I Cannot Afford an Attorney?

Free or Reduced Cost Services Are Available

If money is a problem, I may still be able to help. The California Bar Association recommends that attorneys do fifty hours of pro bono - free work - each year. I intend to follow this recommendation.


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