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Why Do All Family Law Attorney Websites Look the Same?

Updated: Apr 12

When you look at a attorney website you will notice the lack of meaningful information. Most people have three main concerns:

How much it will cost?

How much they must pay up front?

How long it will take?

You won't find answers to these question on their website.

Before creating my own website, I looked at other attorney’s websites. I know attorneys spend a lot of money to have someone create these websites. I figured they would look more "professional", but I would provide real information that would help people make an informed decision.

The websites were basically useless. They all seemed to follow the same template. They all had variations of the same picture. They all talked about their experience and how hard the attorney would work for you. They all promised a free consultation. The websites are rarely updated, so there are usually a few generic articles dated years ago. They tell you what they think they need to say to get you to call them.

What they do not tell you is what it costs to get divorced (or deal with support or visitation). You learn little about the attorney. You figure that an attorney has experience and that he will tell you that he will work hard. There is little information about why they chose to practice family law. You know little about their background. And, again, you have no idea what it will cost in the end.

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