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Here is an Example of an Obviously Fake Review.

Updated: Apr 12

I was reading Google Reviews of other family law attorneys. One review was particularly bad. It said the attorney took his money, never helped him, and that he had an overall bad experience.

The reviewer then wrote something that made it clear the review was fake. The reviewer said that he gave the attorney $4000 as a deposit, and that he got no money back from the attorney, even though she did no work.

The attorney responded that she felt the review was fake, but she did not say why she knew it was fake. The answer is that she would never take a case with only a $4000 retainer. It would cost much more than that retain her.

Why didn’t she say that? My guess is that she did not want people to know how expensive it is to hire her. That is why it will not tell you how much it costs on attorney websites. Some will not tell you over the phone. But few attorneys will take a case for $4000.

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