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Do I Need a Family Law Specialist?

Updated: Apr 12

Short answer - No.

If you go through the websites of family law attorneys you will see some proudly proclaiming they are Certified Family Law Specialists. This sounds good - but what does it mean?

To become a Certified Family Law Specialist you only need to have practiced family law for five years at least part time. Less than half of your business need be family law. And you need to pass a test. (Just about everyone passes the test)

Is the Certified Family Law Specialist a better attorney? Maybe. But not because she has the title. There are good and bad attorneys who are Certified specialists in their field.

So what does the title mean? It means that the attorney has paid a lot of money to the California Bar Association to receive this title. And if the attorney pays money, chances are that she will pass that cost on to you.

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