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Be Careful Taking Advice From a Family Law Attorney - It Can Cost You

Updated: Apr 12

When I had just graduated from law school when a friend asked me if I could advise his sister about her divorce. She did not have an attorney and wasn't sure whether she needed one.

I researched California divorce and found that she would get $1800 a month spousal support for six and a half years. It was a straight forward case. Her husband was a teacher, so I could find his income online. There were no kids. I told her what I thought would happen and that she did not need an attorney. She thanked me, saying that was about what she was expecting.

She mentioned that she had a free consultation with an attorney scheduled, and that she would talk to the attorney, since it was free. But she felt that she could continue on without an attorney without any problems.

She spoke with the attorney. The attorney told her that I was an idiot and she could get a lot more than $1800 a month. All she had to do was pay the attorney $5000.

Well, she paid the attorney. They went court. The court awarded her $1800 a month for six and a half years. The attorney had lied to her. Rather than apologize, her attorney told her: "Well, at least you know that is the most you could get."

That attorney does not do business in an ethical way. And she is not the exception, but closer to the norm. Most attorneys struggle to make enough money to cover their high overhead. Many an ethical attorney has gone out of business while the unethical attorneys continue to work.

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