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Attorneys don't mind making you wait

Updated: Apr 12

Attorneys like to make you wait for them. Making you wait is a way to show that they are important, busy people and that you are lucky to have a chance to talk to them. Family law firms want to present an image of a high end, high priced firm. In reality, family law attorneys most likely went to poorly rated law schools.

I can give you an example of how they treat you. We had a new client who had an appointment with a senior attorney. The client arrived at her appointment at 4:00. I saw her waiting and was chatting with her. We were in the waiting area talking. At 4:25 there was still no sign of the senior attorney so we moved into a conference room.

At 4:30 the senior attorney showed up for the 4:00 appointment. Her explanation was that she could not find us. This was a ridiculous thing to say since we had been in the waiting area for twenty-five minutes. There were only two conference rooms. It wouldn't take thirty minutes to find someone. This attorney let her client wait thirty minutes for her appointment - and then did not apologize for making the client wait. I am sure that that she billed the client for the half hour she was waiting.

Attorneys make their living from clients. We should always respect the client and their time. Unfortunately, this sentiment is not shared by a lot of attorneys. Most attorneys make you wait to see them. You will wait for return phone calls. You will wait for paperwork. The one thing you won't wait long for is a bill. Those will come on time.

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