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I do family law better. I can charge less and better serve the client. I make the process easier for the client and the court.


I do better because:


I guarantee a reasonable price and tell that price up front. No deposit. No surprises. 


I break down the process to maximize efficiency. Technology has made the job easier. I keep my expenses low, allowing me to charge you less and make money. Efficiency saves me time and saves you money. Other attorneys can charge more when they are inefficient. 

I care about my clients. Other attorneys tell you this, but they only care about after you have paid them $5000 to $10,000. i trust my clients and don't need to be paid upfront. 

I understand people and I understand the law. I enjoy family law because I can help people through a difficult time.

Since I charge a flat fee, you and I can make decisions on how to proceed based on what is the best strategy, not the cost. Attorneys charging by the hour have to constantly find ways to bill their clients.

I encourage both sides to arrive at an agreement that benefits both parties - while other attorneys encourage conflict.

If you use this website, you know exactly what I can do for you before you call. You know exactly what it costs. You can get the process going immediately.

Most family law attorneys in California are fighting for the 10% of the family law clients who can afford high fees. I am fighting for the rest - the 90% of the people who need legal representation and do not have thousands of dollars to pay up front to an attorney. I want to represent the working men and women who need reasonable, affordable attorney services.

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