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You can't trust attorney reviews. People Who Are Not Clients Submit Reviews 


Businesses depend on Google and family law attorneys are no exception. Accumulating good reviews can help people notice your business. It also helps Google to notice your business. The more Google notices your business, the more prominently Google will display your business. This moves you closer to page one. This is a priority for many family law attorneys.

Given how important reviews can be, it should be no surprise that Google Reviews are often fake. Experts say that Google and Amazon are considered to have the biggest problem with fake reviews.


The problem is only getting worse as more people figure out how to game the system; and or people to help them game the system. I get emails every day from people telling me they can put me on Google's first page.


I looked through the Google Reviews of local family law attorneys. Many people leaving reviews were not clients. I recognized the names of a lot of the people who wrote the reviews. Some of these people had written multiple reviews for different family law attorneys. These people were friends, family, and employees of the attorney. Some wrote the review as if they were a client doing business with the attorney.


I have heard of attorneys paying clients to leave good reviews (up to $500). There are companies that will leave good reviews for your business (for a price). Some attorneys are doing review swapping (leaving reviews for each other).

Even bad reviews are problematic. Attorneys make up bad reviews for other attorneys. You also have the possibility of former employees – who left on bad terms – writing bad reviews. 

In the end, the biggest problem with reviews for family law attorneys is that most people will not leave a review regardless of the service. Family law attorneys deal with issues that are very personal, including domestic violence, divorce, and child custody issues. These are private issues people won't share online, regardless of the service they received.
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