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CA Bar No.: 196077

Lives in:

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Born: July 27, 1957

Twenty-Nine Palms, California

Grew Up in:

Arcadia, California

Undergraduate: UCLA

Law School:

University of La Verne 

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Teacher to Family Law Attorney
How I Got Here

I have a different background than other attorneys. Most attorneys graduate from law school and practice law for the rest of their lives. They have little to no experience in any other job. They have no experience working with people who are not attorneys.

Before practicing law, I was a teacher for thirty-five years. I also had a number of different jobs before teaching. I sold ladders. I refinished wood floors. I did taxes. I have unloaded containers. I have worked with real people from different backgrounds.

I started teaching high school math and social science in 1984 at Bishop Amat High School. I also taught at Monrovia High School, Duarte High School and Rialto High School. I coached football, track, basketball and softball.

I started law school in 1994 when I was thirty-seven. I was married with three kids, so I had to keep working and go to school at night. 

I went to the University of La Verne School of Law because it was close to my home in Rancho Cucamonga. (The law school was still located on the La Verne Campus). I graduated from law school in 1997; but kept teaching.

​I retired from teaching in 2019. I started working full time in family law and probate. I found that things have changed since my own divorce, and not all for the better. Technology had made the job much easier, but attorneys were charging twice as much.

It became clear to me our family law system is not working. People are paying their attorney too much and receiving too little. Overbilling was not only accepted but encouraged. Too many people cannot afford an attorney.

I worked at a family law firm. Maybe ten percent of the people who came in for a consultation actually hired us. People came in for their free consultation scared, confused, angry – and there was nothing I could do for them because they could not pay the thousands of dollars it would cost, most of which would have to be paid up front.

I wanted to start a law firm where I could help people - and not just those who can pay high fees. I can tell you from experience, divorce is hard. Child support and visitation issues are tough to deal with emotionally. Your attorney should be there to help you through the process, not make matters worse. People should be able to pay a fair price for legal representation.

I understand the process of divorce, spousal support, child support and visitation on a personal level as well as a professional level. I was married for 14 years before my divorce. I have two children, a son and a daughter, and a step-daughter. I have paid spousal support and child support. My ex-wife received child support from my stepdaughter’s father. I understand visitation schedules, dealing with holidays and sharing expenses.

I found that I do well in family law because I understand people. Teaching and coaching for 35 years helped me learn to deal with people with different backgrounds, needs and personalities. I am focused on helping people, not making money. That is why I can help people when others won't. Of course, it helps that I don't need money. I don't have to work again in my life.  But family law is something I enjoy doing.

I want to help people who work for a living and pay their bills; people who need help as they go through a difficult time. I have no interest in helping people who want to punish their spouse. I want to help people who want what is fair and due to them under the law.
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